Venu - the menu for your venue

The table ordering solution for independent bars and restaurants.

Each Bar / Restaurant on the Venu platform is assigned a 6 digit pin.

Your customers access your Venu page by visiting and knowing your Bar / Restaurant pin or by scanning a Venu generated QR code.

Once on your Venu page customers choose their table number and select items from your menu.

With items selected customers place their order and the order gets added to your order dashboard.

What Venu provides

Easy menu import

Use our standard Excel format to import your menu.

Generate printable signage

Generate printable PDF with QR code and pin to facilitate customer engagement.

Ordering control

Restrict ordering based on customers location or with a passphrase.

No install or registration required

Works across mobile without the need for a lengthy installation or registration for customers.

Simple price adjustments

Adjust the total order price from your menu to add VAT or provide a discount. So customers know exactly what they are expected to pay.

Still have questions?

Checkout our FAQ page here

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